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The Radiance Technique®

What is the Radiance Technique® (TRT®) (Authentic Reiki®) and how can it help you?

The Radiance Technique® is a simple but powerful relaxation and meditation practice with the hands. Relaxation and meditation are well-known for reducing stress and accessing our inner wisdom.
The Radiance Technique® is an ancient eastern Cosmic Energy Science for health and well-being for people, plants, animals and the Planet. It accesses directly Universal Light Energy and supports and expands our own Inner Light or Radiance. It is non-invasive, safe & easy to use. TRT® can be used alongside conventional medicine and other therapies and in everyday life.

When properly activated, this natural energy is always accessible from within. Our hands are extensions of our heart. Our heart balances us and is the gateway to our spiritual selves. Qualities of TRT® energy include peace, love, joy, harmony, compassion, vitality, wholeness, clarity & transformation.

Cherry Tree I have studied The Radiance Technique for 15 years to The Fourth Degree (including Third Degree Authorised Instructor) level. I offer TRT treatments and seminars for studying The First Degree (for self-help). I am a member of The Radiance Technique Association of Great Britain (TRTAGB)

Please feel free to contact me for further information or to make an appointment.
I also give talks & do workshops.

Cherry Tree in my garden

What can you expect to experience?

Following a brief history-taking, the person receiving the treatment is asked to lie down or sit in a chair (no need to remove clothing) while the practitioner places his/her hands on or just Lake Coleridge above the body in positions corresponding to the chakras (major energy centres of the body).

TRT® helps us to move effortlessly into a meditative & relaxed state. TRT® is holistic (body, mind, spirit) and promotes Balance, Self-Awareness and Expanded Consciousness. We unfold gently according to our own unique inner blueprint. As tension is released we feel more at ease, refreshed and centred.

Lake Coleridge, New Zealand

Sessions last from 1 to 1½ hrs and there is time to talk about your experience if you want to. Cost £40/hr. Concessions available.

Benefits of relaxation

• The body is better able to balance and heal itself in a relaxed state.
• Our outlook improves as extreme emotions such as anxiety, fear, depression or guilt
become less intense.
• We are able to access our unconscious mind for problem-solving and new ideas.
• We can think more clearly and be more objective when we are calm.

The Radiance Technique® (TRT®) (Authentic Reiki®) are registered service marks.

"From joy does spring all creation, by joy it is maintained, towards joy does it progress and into joy does it enter."   Tagore